Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life of a summer intern...

After applying to over twenty summer internship programs at various companies around the world (literally), I finally landed an exceptional paid internship at Glendalough Manor in Tyrone, Ga.
Glendalough Manor is a family run and operated, newly incorporated, business which has become an extremely successful wedding events facility over the past six years. Although I was devastated to learn I would not have the chance to complete an ultra-glamorous fashion PR internship in New York or London this summer, I have become extremely thankful for my time at Glendalough.

Some of my many responsibilities included:
• Rotating through the seven major job responsibilities. These included serving as a back-up coordinator, shadowing the event director, server, bartender, dish washer, maintenance, and linens/set-up.
• Updating and maintaining all aspects of social media.
• Administrative tasks.
• Filing paperwork and organizing the prop warehouse closet.
• Writing press releases.
• Assisting the Bride on wedding day.
• Creating a account for Glendalough Manor (@GlendaloughMano) in which I have been pretty successful in generating a strong following and made a few significant contacts

After I completed my rotation I was given much more design and creative responsibility. Three weeks into my time there the event coordinators decided to host an Open House for future brides. The creativity started flowing and an Alice in Wonderland theme was chosen for the event. I was put in charge of drafting a press release and it was sent out to three local newspapers, two local magazines, and five national bridal websites including,,,, and Of these sponsors I have successfully created new relationships and advertisement deals with three. Fayette Woman Magazine, whom we have advertised with in the past, agreed to come to the event and write up a full feature story.

My confidence has grown significantly through my venturing out on my own to suggest new advertisement campaigns and creative marketing strategies – most of which I have no experience. One of my supervisors, Tiffany Byars, the head of marketing, really pushed me and entrusted with me a lot of responsibility in regards to advertising for the “Wedding in Wonderland” event and finding new influential websites/magazines to advertise with.
By my last day at Glendalough Manor I completed just over 319 hrs and worked on 15+ weddings.

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