Monday, May 23, 2011


Photo courtesy of Little Silver Boxes.

The Collins household has been under some major construction the past few days!
I painted the porch off the kitchen with Mom this morning, pulled up the boards on the patio out back tonight, hung a few pictures, did a little staining and now I can't sleep - so naturally, I'm reorganizing my bedroom...which I might add, has not been touched since I was about 15.
I found this poem I wrote for a high school english class on April 21, 2004!
Crazy what pops up!! (yes, a diary or two also found its way into the trash pile)

"The Perfect Day"
By: B. C.

The sunlight falls upon my face,
As I wake from my easy sleep.
The breeze tickles every hair,
Upon my unshaved legs.

The sun is bright,
The breeze is pure,
The day has just begun.
Although I love all days like this,
This is my favorite one.

The top is down as I speed off,
Inside my freedom ride.
The air I smell is Southern bliss,
The flowers bloom with me in mind.

Nothing compares to a day like this,
So innocent and ripe.
Almost like a fresh start,
From all the stress in life.

So now as all the lights go out,
I still can feel the breeze.
And the smell of simplicity will still be there,
Among the other things.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Song.

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love....
33 love songs all rolled into one for the intro to Andy Stanley's sermon series "The New Rules of Love, Sex and Dating." Who says Christians are boring?! ha

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Are infographics the way of the future for graphic designers...
or a "jane of all trades" like me?
These days, public relations professionals are expected to be knowledgeable in a multitude of areas including (but not limited to): writing, social media, event planning/management, design, media relations, advertising, marketing and client recruitment.

I am seriously considering making another infographic that says - - -
Hire me and I will....
Plan Your Event/Charity Gala/Wedding/Launch Party, design the event logo, save the date, invitation, menu and promotional advertisements, promote it through iFrame graphic creation, Twitter and media outlets, write the press release, recruit sponsors and
put you on the cover of the AJC.

Below is the one I created to link to the QR code on my business cards (coming soon).
I also have a personal website portfolio, but it is Flash and unfortunately will not pull up on smart, the infographic comes in handy!

This was the first personal infographic I looked to for inspiration. I liked the color scheme and the simple graphic background. I found the bubbles a little confusing. PR is all about clarity.

Mine is a little more personal than the one's I drew inspiration from, but isn't that the point? My hope is that a potential employer will A. Scan the QR code on my business card B. Be impressed with the overall design and C. Get at least one giggle/something they can relate to.

What do you think? Ideas for changes?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Graduate

I officially GRADUATED! Well, technically I graduated in December, but walking across that stage on GCSU's beautiful front campus made it all the more real.
I am so incredibly thankful for my four years in Milledgeville, Ga. My amazing friends, professors and sorority sisters. Countless memories that can never be forgotten and stories to go down in history.
The big real world officially stretches before me now and I am prepared to meet it with a great foundation of knowledge, experience, courage and motivation!

Best of friends. I'm so blessed to have such beautiful, loyal friends.

The Rents.

Our school mascot bobcats. Yes, we stole the idea from UGA bulldogs...but at least we can admit it. Who wouldn't be intimidated by that creature? ha

Dress: Ark & Co.

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Earrings: Vintage Pearls

Bracelets: Dillards? David Yurman