Friday, April 29, 2011

Real life fairy tale.

She was absolute perfection.
The DRESS, the hair, the jewelry, the tiara, the train....all tastefully fit for the future
Queen of England. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge for now.

Photo courtesy of Pineterest.

On another note, I'm off to the BEACH for the weekend. SO excited! I need a vacation!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding

Although I am more excited than most, I must admit, the hype over this wedding is a bit extreme. Below are a collection of memorabilia and absurdities I found humorous.

A dish towel. Really?

Barf bag. Classic.

He's not really my type, but I think I'd look fabulous in a tiara.

Now that is some great PR!

I will be up bright and early Friday morning to make sure I don't miss a second.

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I'm most excited to see her dress...naturally....but I'm also interested in seeing how much the Queen REALLY likes her - we will know immediately from the tiara. Apparently, the Queen is expected to design and gift one for her since Kate is not royal and does not have one of her own. Hopefully she won't be given a hand-me-down!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Hair.

Long hair can get boring. It's so easy to just wear it the same everyday - down and straight. As the Georgia heat starts to creep in, I'll be wearing it up more and more....
so here are a few ideas I'll be trying in the coming weeks!

CARRIE! I will be bringing this picture along on my next haircut. Love her hair!

Speaking of Carrie....It's no secret that she is my absolute favorite country artist. Such a beautiful gift and heart for God. Happy to see she has stayed true to herself despite all the fame and success. Young girls need role models!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Song of Praise

I wish you a beautiful Easter weekend!
I am so thankful for the perfect, endless love of my savior.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The American Dream

"The American Dream" looks different to everyone, but we all share a common thread in our desire to be A. comfortable, B. financially stable and C. happy.

Truth be told, I am also lumped in this category because, I too, desire these things for me life and for the lives of the people I love.
My newest difficulty has come from laying everything (everything) down on the line and saying "God, this life isn't about me, it's about You, it's about Your comfort, Your stability, Your happiness."

Radical by David Platt challenges the happy-go-lucky christian in us all to take a step back and think about the serious epidemic of "feel good" christianity that has hit America by storm. Since when did serving become community service? Since when did worship become a rock concert? Since when did a God's pastors become stand-up comics?
Now don't get me wrong, I could listen to Chris Tomlin lead worship all day long, and I love a good joke more than most, but WOW has this book opened my eyes to what the REAL point behind all the show is.

If you're looking for a feel good book...this is not it. But, if you want to hear from Platt, who successfully led one of the largest (4,000 member) churches in Alabama before realizing all this - dive in!

"In direct contradiction to the American dream, God actually delights in exalting our inability. He intentionally puts his people in situations where they come face to face with their need for Him. In the process he powerfully demonstrates his ability to provide everything his people need in ways they could never have mustered up or imagined. And in the end, he makes much of his own name." - Radical

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dogwood Festival

Dearest Atlanta residents and friends,

Looking for something to do in this weekend? The 75th Annual Dogwood Festival will take place at Piedmont Park in Midtown Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 15-17.

I am mostly excited about the BEAUTIFUL limited edition 75th Anniversary Commemorative Poster designed by artist Steve Panley! I will be purchasing one of course... for only $15.00.

Such a lovely dipiction of the the city I adore!

Monday, April 11, 2011

MM: Monogram Monday

I have a slightly unhealthy love of Monograms. It is true.
But, acceptance is the first step right?
So, in that spirit...I hereby do accept to incorporate all of the below into my
home/life in the near future.

Bracelet by DANNIJO

All photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

THE Reading List. #PRIntern #HAPPO

Photo courtesy of PR Daily.

I am OFFICIALLY one, yes one, month away from finishing my internship and I terror (of not finding a real job and being an intern for the rest of my life) has set in. I have literally absolutely LOVED my internship. Learned a ton, made some new friends and got published (more than once thankyouverymuch).
So, as reality starts to hit I've been reading, ALOT. My go-to is PRDaily of course, but I've also stumbled upon some great blogs. I will never tire of learning and discovering new, cutting-edge, ways to become the best at what I do.
I wrote a few press releases this week so I've been reading up on SEO techniques for press releases and how to pitch to the media. There are also a few Twitter-related articles that I found super interesting. ENJOY!

PR Daily

Heidi Cohen

Cision's Blog


Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Showers bring May flowers...and Braves baseball...and weddings...and golf.

I am SO incredibly HAPPY this weekend has finally arrived. I do not believe there is a better weekend in the year. WHY YOU ASK?

Atlanta Braves Home Opener on Friday
Brian McCann. He's my fav.

Photo courtesy of Ballpark Travel

Wedding season officially begins for me on Saturday. What's not to love?

Photo courtesy of WeHeartIt.

Masters. HELLO! This is the first year I haven't been in a while, but I will certainly be watching all day Sunday. Sundays and golf are just meant to be.

Photo snapshot of live stream.

Hope your weekends are just as beautiful and exciting!

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman