Monday, September 19, 2011

Moving On Up.

The last two months have been a whirlwind of excitement, new adventures and....decorating.

God is so good. I was offered a great job in Atlanta on July 25th, moved in with one of my sorority sisters July 28th, and started my new job August 1st.
Below is a little recap of my decorating obsession over the past 53 days.

Priority Number One? Make our little apartment a Home!

I absolutely love our living room, so let me tell you aalllll about it...

I found the fashion prints at Ross, yes Ross! They are stretched canvas and
go perfectly with the other black & white art we already had.

My roommate's mother painted the table silver to make it a little more modern.

The table is my absolute favorite. I spotted it at an antique store in Newnan, Ga. and couldn't leave without it. The teal crushed velvet seat cushions are in perfect condition and it was recently refinished. A perfect 1960's era find to match our TEAL and Mint theme!

This little mint green beauty was also purchased at an Atlanta antique store. In love.

Now here's where I got crafty...

Super easy DIY project.
1. Print an old map of your state on paper desired (I used cream linen).
2. Paint a wooden heart with gold glitter and adhere to print.
3. Frame and viola! Instant art.

I found this carriage-style dresser at a consignment store and picked it up for $40. A little sanding, primer, paint and a weekend out of my life later - a robin's egg blue dresser.
(The actual paint color is "Balmy Seas" by Behr)

The Canopy!
I've always wanted a canopy over my bed and I decided, why not? My bedroom needed some serious color and this did the trick.

2 - 80 x 80 inch curtains (I have a full bed so they were the perfect width. If your bed is larger buy 4 and bunch them instead of stretching across the board)
2 - 80 inch thin molding strips
1 - staple gun

1.Use one curtain as the swag over the bed and the second behind the bed.

2. Staple the back curtain to the first molding strip stretching to ensure it does not wrinkle (I need to steam mine).

3. Staple the second curtain to the second molding strip leaving 2+ feet to hang down over the bed.

4. Screw the molding strip that will become the swag to the ceiling at the desired distance from the bed. Make sure it is secure.

5. Swag the remainder to the wall and secure. Pulling tightly on both sides.

6. Secure the first molding to the crease of the ceiling and wall (with screws), covering the remaining swag fabric.

I still need a print to fill the space above each bedside table
and a lamp for the table on the left...suggestions?

These curtains aren't actually curtains at all! They're shower curtains! Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had the hardest time finding a fun, bright print, but I love these!

(for now)



  1. Glad I got to see the inside of your new place on this post...I love everything...especially the Georgia maps!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the DIY frame idea - so creative and the color scheme works so nicely. Might have to make that a project for Sunday!
    Carla (