Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air (just not mine).

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So it's Valentines Day. My thirteen-year-old self would certainly be disappointed in my A. Forgetting it was even today until I checked Twitter this morning B. Really not caring at all C. My lack of a Valentine. It is so funny how excited we get over this silly holiday. Oh to go back to the days when I was most worried about receiving several "candy grams" during first period math class!

But, this year, my lack of a Valentine is actually refreshing! I'm making dinner for my family, took my dog on a walk around the lake earlier today and tonight I'll watch House with my Dad after consuming mass amounts of brownies and ice cream. Can't complain!

I can honestly say, at this point in my life the only person I am in Love with is my Creator. How absolutely beautiful is that? I know there will come a time when the right person comes along. I might know him, I might not, but right now my only love is for Him who can show me perfect love. What more could I ever need on this holiday?

I started reading this book today (part of an eight-week series I'm doing with the Life Group at my church) and this really stuck out:

"Nothing good ever comes easy. For sure, nothing of God's Kingdom comes without resistance from our personal kingdoms or the world's kingdom. Nothing of the Spirit of God comes without a good ol' fashioned bar fight from our flesh." -The Tangible Kingdom

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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