Sunday, April 10, 2011

THE Reading List. #PRIntern #HAPPO

Photo courtesy of PR Daily.

I am OFFICIALLY one, yes one, month away from finishing my internship and I terror (of not finding a real job and being an intern for the rest of my life) has set in. I have literally absolutely LOVED my internship. Learned a ton, made some new friends and got published (more than once thankyouverymuch).
So, as reality starts to hit I've been reading, ALOT. My go-to is PRDaily of course, but I've also stumbled upon some great blogs. I will never tire of learning and discovering new, cutting-edge, ways to become the best at what I do.
I wrote a few press releases this week so I've been reading up on SEO techniques for press releases and how to pitch to the media. There are also a few Twitter-related articles that I found super interesting. ENJOY!

PR Daily

Heidi Cohen

Cision's Blog


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