Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding

Although I am more excited than most, I must admit, the hype over this wedding is a bit extreme. Below are a collection of memorabilia and absurdities I found humorous.

A dish towel. Really?

Barf bag. Classic.

He's not really my type, but I think I'd look fabulous in a tiara.

Now that is some great PR!

I will be up bright and early Friday morning to make sure I don't miss a second.

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I'm most excited to see her dress...naturally....but I'm also interested in seeing how much the Queen REALLY likes her - we will know immediately from the tiara. Apparently, the Queen is expected to design and gift one for her since Kate is not royal and does not have one of her own. Hopefully she won't be given a hand-me-down!

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