Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Graduate

I officially GRADUATED! Well, technically I graduated in December, but walking across that stage on GCSU's beautiful front campus made it all the more real.
I am so incredibly thankful for my four years in Milledgeville, Ga. My amazing friends, professors and sorority sisters. Countless memories that can never be forgotten and stories to go down in history.
The big real world officially stretches before me now and I am prepared to meet it with a great foundation of knowledge, experience, courage and motivation!

Best of friends. I'm so blessed to have such beautiful, loyal friends.

The Rents.

Our school mascot bobcats. Yes, we stole the idea from UGA bulldogs...but at least we can admit it. Who wouldn't be intimidated by that creature? ha

Dress: Ark & Co.

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Earrings: Vintage Pearls

Bracelets: Dillards? David Yurman

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