Monday, May 23, 2011


Photo courtesy of Little Silver Boxes.

The Collins household has been under some major construction the past few days!
I painted the porch off the kitchen with Mom this morning, pulled up the boards on the patio out back tonight, hung a few pictures, did a little staining and now I can't sleep - so naturally, I'm reorganizing my bedroom...which I might add, has not been touched since I was about 15.
I found this poem I wrote for a high school english class on April 21, 2004!
Crazy what pops up!! (yes, a diary or two also found its way into the trash pile)

"The Perfect Day"
By: B. C.

The sunlight falls upon my face,
As I wake from my easy sleep.
The breeze tickles every hair,
Upon my unshaved legs.

The sun is bright,
The breeze is pure,
The day has just begun.
Although I love all days like this,
This is my favorite one.

The top is down as I speed off,
Inside my freedom ride.
The air I smell is Southern bliss,
The flowers bloom with me in mind.

Nothing compares to a day like this,
So innocent and ripe.
Almost like a fresh start,
From all the stress in life.

So now as all the lights go out,
I still can feel the breeze.
And the smell of simplicity will still be there,
Among the other things.

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