Thursday, May 12, 2011


Are infographics the way of the future for graphic designers...
or a "jane of all trades" like me?
These days, public relations professionals are expected to be knowledgeable in a multitude of areas including (but not limited to): writing, social media, event planning/management, design, media relations, advertising, marketing and client recruitment.

I am seriously considering making another infographic that says - - -
Hire me and I will....
Plan Your Event/Charity Gala/Wedding/Launch Party, design the event logo, save the date, invitation, menu and promotional advertisements, promote it through iFrame graphic creation, Twitter and media outlets, write the press release, recruit sponsors and
put you on the cover of the AJC.

Below is the one I created to link to the QR code on my business cards (coming soon).
I also have a personal website portfolio, but it is Flash and unfortunately will not pull up on smart, the infographic comes in handy!

This was the first personal infographic I looked to for inspiration. I liked the color scheme and the simple graphic background. I found the bubbles a little confusing. PR is all about clarity.

Mine is a little more personal than the one's I drew inspiration from, but isn't that the point? My hope is that a potential employer will A. Scan the QR code on my business card B. Be impressed with the overall design and C. Get at least one giggle/something they can relate to.

What do you think? Ideas for changes?

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